Instructions for final submission

Following requirements are mandatory to include your paper in Conference Proceedings.

  1. CAMERA READY paper as per the format prescribed
    2. CAMERA READY Source File
    3. COPYRIGHT form duly completed and signed Click Here
    4. Scanned copy of Demand Draft / E-Reciept of Fund Transfer
    5. If you are registering as Student, you should include scanned copy of valid ID card in .zip folder.
  2. REGISTRATION Form is Online. For Registration Click Here

1. Camera Ready Submission

Step1: Download the Camera Ready Format for FEST-2022

Template Download

  • Download Paper Template (Microsoft Word)Click Here
    • Download Paper Template (LaTeX) Click HereThe authors need to modify the paper exactly as per the format requirements specified in the Camera Ready Format.

STEP 2: Please rename your PDF with your paper ID. ( XXXX_camerar.PDF).
For example: If the paper id is 120 then rename your PDF as (120_camerar.PDF). Follow the same naming convention for all the files.

STEP 3: Author should submit the documents mention below in a single zip file though Online Registration Form or email us :
1. Camera Ready Paper (PaperID_camerar.PDF) .
2. Source File(PaperID _camerar.DOC or PaperID _camerar.DOCX) 
3. Copyright Form with your paper ID.( PaperID _copyr.PDF/.JPG)
4. Scanned copy of Demand Draft/ E-receipt of Fund transfer (PaperID_Rceipt.JPEG/.PDF).
5. If you are registering as a student, you should include scanned copy of valid ID card in .zip folder(PaperID_ID_Card.JPEG/PDF).
6. Online Registration for Conference.
6. Make a .zip folder and rename it with your paper ID (for example and upload it through registration page or email on
The conference fee will be non-refundable in any case.